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About us

Welcome to our promotional Pen Drive Superstore!

We have largest range of USB Drives that can feature promotional Personalised printing. Get started by browsing our galleries full of quality pen drives and low prices.

On offer here at corporatecustomgifts.com  is a fantastic selection of the best USB drives available in India. As you can see we cover all categories - Classic USBs for those of us who need our memory at the lowest prices!, then we move into selection like Leather, Metal and Card these are for buyers who want a particular Promotional Branded USB. Then we have wooden pen drive options for those seeking something just a little different for their brand marketing..Lastly why not make your gift USB's unique by investing in some great looking gift boxes?

We are ready to answer your questions - please call us at anytime at 9716499946 with your query : our friendly staff are ready to help.

Uses of Branded USBs:

USB Drives and Sticks have a myriad of uses.Those who buy such memory sticks on an on-going basis understand the value of these as a marketing tool. We see them being used by clients in a number of ways, however there are two broad applications for these and the applications actually cross-over!:

As a marketing tool: When we apply your logo or branding onto a pen drive, it immediately become a Promotional Product.The effectiveness of these items is well known.They work in a very subtle manner - they expose your client (or whoever has been given the USB) to your logo on a frequent and repeat basis.This reinforces your branding message time and time again - Corporate USB Drives can be used on a daily basis therefore the cost per impression (when someone actually sees your message or logo) can be very low. On a secondary level these pocket sized billboards are a great way to position your brand as tech savvy and current.The association between the drive and your brand is one of technical understand and competence.

As a practical item!: A pen drive is an actually memory drive in it's own right.This means you can safely and securely transfer large volumes of data from one computer to another.This has great marketing implications - have them pre-loaded with a presentation, a video, a product catalogue or anything you can think of!In short they are highly functional giveaways or gifts and this functionality drives it's success as a marketing platform for your brand.

The functionality and promotional applications of a Promotional USB Drive make them a natural choice for savvy marketers.

So there you have it! - we are ready and waiting to answer your questions and to get your order or Branded and Promo USB Drives underway - we look forward to helping you further.